Le Gaulois, an oddity by name (before it changed name to France) ,at the time that the Romans were conquering the world France was named La Gaule and the inhabitants were known as Les Gaulois. For many Asterix and Obelix are well-known all over the world for their comical behaviour at the time that comic magazines were popular and a collectors item.

The owner, who hails from France, found a part of South Africa that stole his heart and calmed his nomadic feet … trampling African soils from the west coast of Africa, making his way to the southern tip, Cape Town. Venturing along the coast and falling in love with the rolling valleys and Hottentot Holland mountains in 2014 finding his way to this quiet and peaceful village styled town – Gordon’s Bay.

The couple, who met in Namibia some years ago, with a northern Brittany surname; Houalet, were well known and appreciated in Namibia for their very humble work in saving and rehabilitating Big Cats of Africa on their lodge, Amani. A change of lifestyle, brought them to Gordon’s Bay. Finding the house on the well-known Miller street in the “Old Village” made them consider and rekindle their passion for sharing their treasured locations with visitors. They started the renovations of this old family home in 2016 and took their time to find the exact materials and furnishings to create a quaint essential island style setting for each apartment.